Effect of gmail change new tabbed interface on email marketing

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, You might have noticed that Google has changed its Gmail change tabbed interface  for the inbox , where emails are divided into three basic  parts.

Primary: person to person conversations.

Social : messages and updates from social networks Facebook, Twitter , Linkedin etc ..

Promotions: email news letters , Deals ,promotions etc

and also optional tabs including

Updates: personal, auto-generated updates including confirmations, bills, receipts, bills, and statements.

Forums : messages from forums etc


Some people described as death to email marketing and its been a hot topic for a while i wanted to conduct a few tests and see how much this actually effected email marketing , for this purpose i created a email campaign for one of my Non – IM niche where i regularly keep sending broadcasts to my subscribers here are the results

gmail tabs

I created a separate segment with only Gmail user`s and as you can see on top ( the open rate of broadcast i sent out after the gmail update ) and the bottom result ( the open rate of broadcast i sent out one month before the gmail update) . As we can see due to  the update open rate did decrease 3.3% however in my opinion its not that bad and i don’t agree with people who consider email marketing is dead however i do accept there is a little effect on email marketing due to recent gmail changes but its not that much …

Let me know about your thoughts by making comment below :).

I will keep testing and will update once i have more data ..





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