Madgicx Review All in One Google Facebook Advertising Platform

Madgicx Review – Facebook and Google Marketing Platform

The future of digital marketing and advertising is developing at a rapid pace. Social Media Marketing has become one of the most popular and affordable ways for companies to reach potential customers. If used correctly Social Media Marketing has the power to reach millions of people and therefore have the potential to generate extensive revenue.

What is Madgicx?

Madgicx Review – Facebook and Google Marketing Platform
Madgicx All in One Facebook and Google Marketing Platform

Madgicx is a facebook /Google advertising automation platform that provides marketers to manage and analyze their advertising campaigns on Facebook, Google and Instagram. The platform uses AI technology that allows advertisers to focus on campaign analysis, automation, content management and much more.

Madgicx provides users with an easy and time-efficient way of viewing performance insights and making decisions. Madgicx has four main sections that allow users to customize and monitor their ads; Essentials, Targeting, Creatives and Automation.

Madgicx Review – Facebook and Google Marketing Platform
Madgicx Features


The first section that is available for the user is the Essentials. This section allows the user to have a clear picture of the performance of adverts as well as overall spending and generate performance reports.

The most exciting feature in this section is the storyline, Where you can analyze your campaign results on day to day basis. Storyline helps you track the performance of your ad sets over time and understand how your campaign performance changes day by day.

Madgicx Review – Facebook and Google Marketing Platform
Madgicx Storyline Feature


This is the best feature available in this tool, Which helps you easily identify and predict the best interest and also help you understand your top converting audience.

Mass Launcher

This feature has 100+ ready to launch audiences, A massive collection of audiences that are at your disposal to start crushing your campaigns.

Madgicx 100+ ready to launch audiences
Madgicx 100+ ready to launch audiences

Audience Studio

This feature analyzes your account performance and based on your results help’s you identify your top converting interests and narrow down on top converting interests.

It also helps you to split test and create hyper-targeted campaigns by intersecting interests.


This is another exciting feature that I love, Creatives section has 3 exciting sections. Ad Launcher, Creative Insights, Ad Copy Insights. 

Ad Launcher

This tool helps you immediately identify top-performing ad creatives and ad copy combinations and launch ads within minutes. It collects data from all ad sets and campaigns and combines them into a simple and easy to understand interface. 

Madgicx Ad launcher
Madgicx Ad launcher

Creative Insights

This feature helps you analyze your ad creatives and gives you insights into ad creatives.

It helps you identify which creatives are generating more revenue, which creatives can be scaled and which creatives should be removed.

Another important feature is AI visual recognition for creative labelling you can use the power of AI for creative labelling (including videos!) based on computer visioning and creative learning technologies to extract the creative elements and attributes that drive performance.

Ad Copy Insights

Just like creative insights, This feature helps you understand your ad copy performance and gives you insights on what copy is converting best. 

Madgicx provides In-depth AI analysis on words and their performance to let you understand power words and which words lead to the customer taking action.

Madgicx also helps you analyze Emoji Performance across your ads and identifies the top emoji’s which are performing best for your ads. Similarly, you can also analyze ad copy length and see if the right number of words in your ad copy. 

Just like Creative Insights, you can analyze Top AI-featured tags in your ad copy. 


Within the automation section of Madgicx users can use many tools to help manage their ads. The four main tools available are:


This tool allows users to identify their strongest trends and push them beyond the original limit set to allow a faster growth.

Stop Loss:

This tool helps the user to use their budget more effectively by slowing down the less popular ad campaigns and restarting them the next day to try and boost their chance of working.


This tool shows the lowest performing ads over a long period of time and like stop loss it helps to protect the budget over a period.


This tool restarts any of the ads that had been paused if activity is detected. This tool allows ads to run when they are profitable which again helps with the overall budget.

Madgicx Review – Facebook and Google Marketing Platform
Madgicx campaign Automation

The Automation feature is the ultimate money saving tool for the user. By having the flexibility to start and stop ads, the user can ensure that only the most successful ads are being viewed and it allows user to have time to correct any ads that needed a boost. The automation strategies function is new and allows users to use optimization methods to enhance their ads. The strategies are easily adjustable and give the user more freedom to customize their ads to suit their needs.

Madgicx Review – Facebook and Google Marketing Platform
Madgicx campaign Automation

So what makes Madgicx so unique?


One of Madgicx’s most useful and unique features is their targeting tool. This tool allows users to explore their audiences through their interests and their performance. This tool can exclude or add certain audiences to ensure that the adverts are reaching the correct target market.

The audience studio is another unique tool by Madgicx. This tool allows users to try out their ads on different audiences to see which group or combination would be the most profitable. Within audience studio there are three sections :

Acquistion:  These customers have previously engaged with the users ads, however they did not make a purchase through the ad.

Madgicx Review – Facebook and Google Marketing Platform
Madgicx audience recipes

Retargeting: These customers have visited the ad and have engaged with the content on there

Madgicx Review – Facebook and Google Marketing Platform
Madgicx audience recipes

Retention: These are existing customers, the retention platforms allows users to keep interacting with up to 90% of their audience

Madgicx Review – Facebook and Google Marketing Platform
Madgicx audience Retention

Creative & Ad Copy Analysis :

Madgicx Review – Facebook and Google Marketing Platform
Madgicx adcopy Insights

This function shows users which video/images are working the best at attracting customers. By showing users the best combination of text and phrases mixed with visuals, it allows users to create the perfect ad which will reach the widest audience and generate the most income.

Madgicx Review – Facebook and Google Marketing Platform
Madgicx Ad Copy Analysis

The Ad Copy Analysis shows the user which ads are working and which ads are not a successful. This feature allows users to not only see which visuals work the best but also shows which age categories are interacting with the ad. The Ad Copy Analysis can be used to schedule weekly reports so users can see the progress of their ads and continue to enhance them.

Madgicx Review – Facebook and Google Marketing Platform
Madgicx Ad Creative Stats

Ad Launcher:

The Ad Launcher allows the user to launch new and existing ads. The user can quickly uplaod their top ads and constantly review the performance of published ads. This feature also allows ads to be combined to create new ads and extend the potential of their material. Users can also create bulk ads to be set out as well as preview ads that are about to be published.

Madgicx Review – Facebook and Google Marketing Platform
Madgicx Ad Launcher

How do I use Madgicx?

Now that you have all the information on the tools that Madgicx can offer its time to look at house to use the platform. Madgicx also have a training course which allows users to become familiar with the platform and its tools before they start to use it within their own company. The training consists of six sections which include the following modules:

  • Get started with
  • Onboard and engage with customers
  • Work smarter with Automation Tactics
  • Capture Data and convert customers by analysing customer behavior
  • Retain and scale customers with Advanced Strategies
  • Discover the power of Madgicx with Case Studies

Madgixc have also created a success team where companies can contact the organisation if they have more specific questions. They also have a blog that articles and guides that are free businesses to use, which will help further develop their advertising campaigns.

How much does Madgicx cost?

Madgicx does not have fixed plans or packages for its user. Instead Madgicx take into consideration monthly ad spend and estimated monthly fee in order to calculate the cost. Madgicx use a slider took to give businesses an approximate fee. The fee can be paid monthly, quarterly or annually.

Madgicx Review – Facebook and Google Marketing Platform
Madgicx Monthly Plan

The value of the plan increases with the amount of adverts a business wants to develop. Madgicx also offer a free trial for businesses too. Madgicx state that there are no limit or strings attached when using their platform to create advertising.

Madgicx Review – Facebook and Google Marketing Platform
Madgicx Annual Plan

Why do others recommend Madgicx?

In order to ensure that a business keeps expanding and developing, it is important that managing marketing and advertising campaigns are developed in line with the changing industry. Madgicx uses artificial intelligence to learn and develop these ads for companies, making the task of advertising easier and less time consuming. Madgicx allows users to have full understanding and control of their ad campaigns and helps to develop their ads at a much faster rate.

Madgicx Review – Facebook and Google Marketing Platform
Madgicx G2 Customer ratings and reviews


I remember in 2019 when its Founder Yahav Hartman told me about a tool he is building which will change everything during our meeting at AWE, I brushed it off and thought its just another fancy useless affiliate tool, BOY I WAS WRONG!!!!

My personal Experience

Madgicx allows users to have an advantage in the digital and advertising market. By allowing businesses to access many tools and giving them the flexibility to advertise in their own way. Madgicx can be seen as the ‘complete package’ for any sized business that can help them to reimagine their advertising strategies. Personally it has helped me bring down my CPL costs from £25 to £12 on facebook advertising campaigns.

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