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6 Experts: How to make most out of Affiliate Marketing Conferences

Affiliate World Asia is upon us! It is one of the best events in the affiliate industry not because you will be able to network and mingle with the affiliate industry’s cream of the crop. Learn from the brightest minds on stage and get access to the best advertising and service providers in the world.

For the first time attendees, It could be a little stressful on how to plan their event schedule and how to make most out of it, so I decided to reach out the best of the best and get their opinion on how first time attendees can make most out of their AWA ticket.

So without any further delay lets see what our experts have to share!

Maor Benaim aka The Wolf

6 Experts: How to make most out of Affiliate Marketing Conferences
Maor Benaim

The Wolf has been totally obsessed with media buying for the last 11 years, relentlessly perfecting each and every campaign he touches. He is proudly known for not letting any campaign go without converting. He now owns Wolf Marketing as well as seven other marketing powerhouse companies worldwide.

About Maor Benaim

How first time attendees can make the most out of AWA2019?

AW is intense. Try to come up with a plan, what do you want to get out of it ? if there’s nothing that really comes to mind, figure out what you want to do or what industry inside the vest world of marketing might interests you and come up with a specific plan for what booths you want to checkout, what speakers you wanna listen to and what events you need to get into, a plan would give you 300x more results than just showing up.

What are your top recommendations for talks, parties ?


Any special advice or bonus advise you would like to share with our readers? 

Try to create your system for optimal networking, it’s easy to get lost and get a lot of business cards and do nothing with them later on. Add people on skype or facebook and make sure you write what you want to get or talk with them later on.

Official Parties

There are plenty of parties which are being hosted, Check out all the list of parties here.

Hen Kinan

Hen Kinan
Hen Kinan

You may know Hen–or Kinan on the STM forum–from the floors of previous AffiliateWorld conferences, but what you may not know is that in the past few years he’s been working on a new affiliate vertical which will open up new opportunities for entrepreneurial affiliates.
His company, SHINEz, offers a content distribution platform which works with big brands directly, and based on his years of experience and insider knowledge as an affiliate, makes it simple and profitable for media buyers and influencers to promote viral content anywhere.

About Hen Kinan

How first time attendees can make the most out of AWA2019?

So actually, this will be my 9th time at Affiliate World Conference! Since first attending the 2015 Bangkok conference, I haven’t missed a single AWC. I think the reason I keep coming back boils down to the conference’s quality content and production – but mostly, it’s the people I meet here.
My way of doing a conference is almost without brakes, you have limited time to meet, talk (listen!), learn and of course, hang with people you work with face to face for quality time.

What are your top recommendations for talks, parties ?

Well, for events I think I can help by introduce to you this site – http://conferencenights.com
All the events that geos down will be there so make sure to sign up!

Re-talks, so much good content in this conference what makes it impossible to catch it all.
I usually make my self reminders in advance via AW app related to the topics I am interested it.
I also try to go to talks that are not related to what I do directly in order to get a better understanding of the industry.

Any special advice or bonus advise you would like to share with our readers? 

Go out from your comfort zone and make the most of this conference!
Oh and, drink glass of water between each drink 🙂

Ian Fernando

Affiliate World Asia Survival Guide!

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6 Experts: How to make most out of Affiliate Marketing Conferences
Kj Rocker (Standing Left) & Ian Fernando (Standing Right )

Ian Fernando has over a decade of experience as an affiliate marketer. Name that traffic source, that vertical – he’s run it. Making a name for himself through his blog, where he helps other affiliate marketers gain insights on everything from useful tools and tips online, to what the future holds for our industry. As an ‘out of the box’ thinker, he continues to be humble and learns every day, as the beauty of our industry provides us with new ways to make money online every day.

About Ian Fernando – Ianfernando.com

How first time attendees can make the most out of AWA2019?

First time attendees can take advantage of the networking areas and with their affiliate managers. I would schedule a meetup at the boot or th networking sections of the conference to talk to potential mentors, affiliate managers, or even partners. Download the app as well to see who is attending and start networking via the app. Look through the schedule of the conference and make sure that you are actively looking at the booth vendors to familiarize yourself with the vendors and area.

What are your top recommendations for talks, parties ?

There are a lot of parties to attend. It is best to go with your peers and the networks you are currently working with. There is usually a list that is posted prior to the event and you can see all the parties and who is sponsoring along with the registration link. As far as talks go it all depends on who you follow online and what you are doing online. I do not recommend attending all the talks as information overload is a bitch.

Any special advice or bonus advise you would like to share with our readers? 

The best bet is to start early and by that I mean before you even book your flight. Talk to your networks set goals on your conversation so after you meet you can get on the road driving to success. A lot of people just have meetings to have meetings but no end goal or results. I would target who you want to meet with, have a solid discussion what to talk, set a goal during and then after the meeting. Also take advantage of the event it self, AWA provides so much perks and fun activities that you should have fun outside your meetings just to destress from the event itself. It is the only conference that I have been to that encourages breaks and fun activities during and even after a day of networking.

João Aguiar

João Aguiar became a Mobidea Crew member in 2015, and is proud of the evolution and growth the company has shown in these last two years! This Portuguese fellow studied Marketing with a special focus on Digital Marketing which has helped him become the Head of Online Marketing at Mobidea!

About João Aguiar, Head of Marketing at Mobidea

How first time attendees can make the most out of AWA2019?

There’s a lot happening in just a couple of days, so attendees must plan beforehand and have determined goals regarding what they wanna bring home in terms of knowledge and connections.

Once they’re there, they should check the presentations and booths they’ve previously selected, but make room to some improvisation, because you never know what opportunities might come up.

They should always make sure that they’ve got an easy-going approach and engage with the people that may bring value to their business at every chance. Just don’t be shy and approach the person next to you whenever you have the chance to! You’ll be surprised by the outcome in some cases.

The focus is the event but the satellite parties around it are also a big opportunity to network.

So, in a nutshell, plan ahead, leave embarrassment at home and don’t miss out on any opportunity to network!

What are your top recommendations for talks, parties ?

Well, it depends on the type of attendee. The schedule is quite broad, which means that you can expect a bit of everything – eCommerce, Facebook Ads, copywriting, email marketing, Instagram marketing, SEO, you name it… – I believe that’s more than fair to say that they did a great job with the schedule both Barcelona and Bangkok speaker schedules. 

I’d recommend assisting the real-life case studies which are the most practical presentations, and also the type of presentations that you can absorb a great amount of knowledge. As for specific recommendations, I’m curious about some of the topics I’ve seen on the schedule. With that being said, here are my top picks:

● Inside Ad Buying on TikTok by Thanaphon Arphasittinant

● The Perfect Funnel List Building with Native Ads by Joe Burton

● Flipping Your Web Property to a 14x Investment with SEO by Matt Diggity

Push Ads Workshop by my buddies Andrew Payne and Anton Kornev

● Scaling Systems: Pressure-Testing $20k/day Spend by Dimitri Nikolakakis

If you are a media buyer, try to sign up for the meetups which are a great opportunity to improve your knowledge to find new opportunities. Other than that, just make sure you go to the official parties of the event which are the parties where the majority of the attendees are. 

There’s also a website that lists the parties for those types of events.

Any special advice or bonus advise you would like to share with our readers? 

I believe I already mentioned the main points in the previous questions. In addition to that, I wanted to highlight the idea of not being shy and boost your network as much as you can – from companies to colleagues or friends – having a solid network is a great advantage as in any industry, but I’d say that it’s really good to have it on this specific industry.

In case your looking for leads to your business don’t forget to follow up with everyone that has a good potential to add value to you or your business.

Oh, I almost forgot! Download the Affiliate World App and engage with the community in advance!

Matt Diggity

Matt Diggity
Matt Diggity

Matt is the CEO and founder of Diggity Marketing, LeadSpring, The Search Initiative, Authority Builders, The Affiliate Lab, and the Chiang Mai SEO Conference.

About Matt Diggity – Diggitymarketing.com

AWA is a great place to make some solid connections in the affiliate space, as well as get some nuggets from presentations. My advice is to map out and make sure you’re able to hit all of your favorite speakers’ presentations. But even more important than that, is to network your butt off. Go to all the parties, chat it up at the coffee breaks, organize mini masterminds with folks in your space.

Chad Wilton

6 Experts: How to make most out of Affiliate Marketing Conferences
Chad Wilton – Affiliate World Conferences

Chad Wilton is Director of Growth & Relationships of Affiliate World Conferences. With over 8 years in the affiliate marketing industry, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from all sides – affiliate, advertiser, brand owner and network. His goal is to unite the world’s leading affiliate and ecommerce marketers together, and drive the industry forward in a positive, profitable direction for all.

About Chad Wilton Director of Growth & Relationships

 -It’s grown from 1300 to 3300 attendees. -Booths more than tripling from 57 to 190. -We trailblazed Tactical Flashlights, Dropshipping, Cash on Delivery and Push Ads. -There’s been speakers from Facebook, Google and Snapchat, and almost every Moderator from STM grace the stage. -We’ve hosted some of the biggest parties in Affiliate Marketing history – Roboteka, STM Island, Affiliate After Hours and let’s not forget about when we rented a private jet to Ibiza. 

Remember this, with Affiliate World, things only get better. 

If you’ve never been to Affiliate World, or if it’s been a while, let me explain how this is all going to go down… 

DAY ZERO – DEC 3RD You fly into Bangkok, get your ass to the hotel and shower up. You haven’t seen your mates for 6+ months, it’s time to catch up over some Beer Chang. 

You’ve likely forgot to pre-register today and get your badge, so you set an alarm to wake up early, say “you’re welcome, future self” and let yourself get carried away with the stacked lineup of events already scheduled for the night: 

5:00pm – 8:00pm: Affiliates ONLY Meetup (No Ad Networks AM’s!) 7:00pm – 11:00pm: ClickBid Presents: The Power of Clicks Cocktail Party 10:00pm – 2:00am: Gerard Della Porta’s Famous Bangkok Bash 

DAY ONE – DEC 4TH You hit snooze, and curse past self for shutting down the Bangkok Bash. You channel your spirit animal, Jordan Belfort, shit, shower, shave and get out the door. 

After breezing through registration, you take a step inside the show floor and the level of energy and buzz hits you right in the face. Combined with the coffee you just pounded back, you’ve never felt so alive. 

Today is jam packed. You have your meetings setup, so you make your plan of attack and schedule your speeches you want to see, the networking mixers you want to check out and slide into the night with Happy Hour and the Affiliate Block Party night event STM is hosting on the rooftop of the conference venue and hotel. 

If you’re interested in Lead Generation or Facebook Ad Buying, then you’re day couldn’t be better… 

11:10 to 2:30PM – Facebook Ads Lab: Ad Buying & Creatives (includes 1 hour Networking Mixer) 12:55 to 4:10PM – Leads Lab: Lead Generation & List Building (includes 1 hour Networking Mixer) 5:30 to 6:30PM – Happy Hour 2 for 1 drinks 6:30 to 9:30PM – Affiliate Block Party – this is where we’ve doubled down on the Beer Pong Competition, and yes have another briefcase full of cash to giveaway 

You either keep going or put your feet up and rest easy for the Day 2…choose your own adventure. 


We’ve made sure to not start things TOO early, but the day will kick off at 10:00AM with speeches starting at noon. 

Today you make sure you check on the rest of the exhibitors you didn’t get to from yesterday, and you find time for some of our fringe speakers like TikTok, who’s going to teach affiliates how to run successful campaigns on their platform. 

Interested in Ecommerce? Today is definitely yours then, as we have the Ecommerce Lab: Building & Scaling Brands going from 12:10 to 3:30 and yes, this caps off with a networking mixer too. 

Once you’ve maxed out your time on the show floor, you start to mentally prepare yourself for the night. You know this, we all do, Night 2 is madness. Have a peep: 

6:00 to 9:00PM – Tim Burd’s famous FB Ad Buyers Meetup @ Levels Nightclub 8:00 to 4:00AM – Media500’s Blowout Event (if you attended AWE’s event of theirs, you know what you’re getting yourself into) 

Oh, and Clickdealer is keeping their event hush hush for now, but it will be just as massive as Media500’s so plenty of party to go around for all attendees! 


If you’re running on Amazon, or are interested in getting started, then we have just the event for you! 

We’ve noticed a growing amount of Amazon sellers attending Affiliate World, so we carved out a separate event, solely for just that – Sellers World Conference! 

If you want to find out more, have a look here. 

That’s what’s about to go down! STM has been a crucial part of Affiliate World over the years, and we plan to keep growing in directions that interest you. As always, let us know if you have suggestions, or feedback, we’re all ears to the STM fam. 

You can still purchase tickets cheaper than door price here – get em quick. 

See everyone in Bangkok!

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