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kjrocker giveawayToday it’s my blog`s 3rd birthday and also this is blog`s 200th Post , I just had to climb 19 floors to write this post as the building I live in had a fire problem  in an apartment so all of the elevators  were taken off , and I had to write this post for you guys at any cost (I live on 19th floor ). It’s been exactly 3 years since I started blogging and started this blog, I can still remember my first blog post and it just feels like yesterday. The basic idea of my blog was to share and document my ventures with others and make more connections and relations with the people who are already successful with affiliate marketing so I can learn more from them and to share my experiences with those who are just starting out so they can learn from my experience. If you are an affiliate marketer I would like to suggest you to do create a blog and document and shares your ventures as this is the best way to learn and it also helped to make some extra money.

During my blogging journey I learned a lot and it really helped me with my affiliate campaigns and I got to know some awesome people in this industry. The contacts and relations I made through blogging are simply priceless and it does really helps you to expand your business. Most of people when start blogging start worrying about content and traffic, SO here is the tip for you do share at least what you know and stop worrying about traffic, I remember when I started out my blog I never had any worries about traffic and that time all my concentration was onto sharing as much as I can, Regardless of how many visitors I get a day or not and that’s how my blog started growing. From day one my first priority was to share what I know and leave everything else on readers, If the liked what I write and that helped them with their campaigns they will surely come and visit my blog again, And that’s what made my blog successful, my first priority was to share what I have done and what I know instead of sharing what tom and bob do with their campaigns and what they are doing, Instead my focus was always to share what I am doing and what I learned. I still feel like I need to learn plenty of new things and imply them on my campaigns. The secret to success in any field of life is hard work and consistency, this blogging experience has taught me a about consistency, Consistency is something you will specially need when you are doing affiliate marketing there are going to be good situations and bad as well but to know how to manage those situations and don`t give up is something which will make you successful in affiliate marketing and real life as well. Stop being quitter learn how to face a situation and correct your mistakes and try again, Weather it is related to your affiliate campaigns or daily life.

I am especially thankful to all my readers who visit my blog and kept me motivated to write more for the blog and helped me to make this blog successful. I`d specially like to thank Gao Lei from Aff Paying who always helped me whenever I needed any kind of help from him, He was the guy who was always there whenever I needed any kind of help and also to my fellow bloggers Zac Johnson , Jeremy schoe maker, Oliver Kenyon from affiliate fix , David ford from affplaybook  and also other sponsors  who helped me to establish CPA Industry`s one of the top blogs .

As a thank you i`d like to introduce KJ Rocker Blog`s give away contest.

•    Free Affiliate fix membership (free for life )
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•    Beyond hosting Starter VPS Package (first month free , 50% off rest of 5 months)
•    Free CPA Marketing/Affiliate marketing consultation over Skype (for two hours )

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